Essentra is a leading international supplier of specialist plastic, fibre, foam and packaging products with four principal operating divisions: Component & Protection Solutions, Porous Technologies, Packaging & Securing Solutions and Filter Products. Through its four principal operating divisions, Essentra focuses on the light manufacture and distribution of high volume, essential components which serve customers in a wide variety of end-markets and geographies.

Previously branded as Filtrona, the new identity helps to bring together all our previously multi-branded offering under one name to underline our breadth of product range and specialist capabilities.

Essentra Components has become a strong product distributor across the globe through the culmination of ideals and products from a number of former businesses. These include Moss Plastics, Skiffy and Richco.

As the origins of Essentra Components, Moss Plastics, based in the UK, manufactures and distributes a broad range of injection and dip moulded components serving a wide range of industries. With local offices and distribution centres across Europe, the company was well placed to meet the challenging delivery requirements of our European-wide customers.

In 2004 the acquisition of Skiffy, based in Netherlands, helped expand our range of fasteners and fixings. Skiffy manufactured and distributed a range of proprietary plastic and metal products into a very wide range of industrial sectors. The product range is particularly strong in nylon washers, spacers and bushes.

Additionally, in 2011 the acquisition of Richco, Inc, based in Chicago with a wide European and Asian presence, helped expand our range of electrical components. Richco manufactures engineered injection moulded components primarily for the electronics and electrical industry. Their production technology has been carefully developed to provide optimal performance and maximum product flexibility. The product range is particularly strong in circuit board hardware and cable management components.

In 2013 the company acquired Ulinco Components AB, based in Sweden, a leading distributor of plastic protection and finishing products, hardware and specialist masking solutions in the Nordic region.

At the start of 2014 Mesan was acquired by Essentra plc., to form another extension to the Components division specialising in access hardware solutions. Based in Turkey, Mesan have been developing high performance ergonomic and innovative, customer orientated products for many years, making it a sure fit for the growing hardware segment of the then rebranded, Essentra Components. The product range is particularly strong in locks, hinges, gasketing and handles.

Our Components Offering

Our business manufactures and distributes one of the world's most extensive ranges of component solutions for protection and finishing purposes which are being used in a wide variety of applications and industries. The full range of Essentra Components Products is available locally to you, the customer.

Our offering includes:

  • Access Hardware
  • Packaging & Material Handling
  • Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes
  • Bearings & Power Transmission
  • Caps & Plugs
  • Cutting & Machining
  • Flange Protection
  • Clamps & Workholding
  • Fasteners
  • Feet, Castors & Glides
  • Fibre, Wire & Cable Management
  • Knobs, Handles & Grips
  • Office & Retail Supply
  • PBC & Electronics Hardware
  • Pneumatics & Hydraulics
  • Tooling & Positioning Components
  • Tools & Precision Instruments

In addition to our standard ranges, our manufacturing experience enables us to develop solutions to solve specific customer requirements where a standard product is not available.

Our goal is to be a “one stop shop” solution in high volume, small, essential products for users in protection finishing and point of sale industries. This is supported by local offices and distribution centres across Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

With over 100,000 standard catalogue parts available for immediate dispatch, Essentra Components is well positioned to leverage its extensive geographic distribution capacity, using its efficient sourcing and manufacturing operations and sophisticated IT platforms, to respond to the requirements of an international customer base.

About Essentra plc


Essentra plc is a FTSE 250 company and a leading international supplier of speciality plastic, fibre, foam and packaging products. Through its four principal operating divisions, Essentra focuses on the light manufacture and distribution of high volume, essential components which serve customers in a wide variety of end-markets and geographies.

Component & Protection Solutions

The Components business is a global market leading manufacturer and distributor of plastic injection moulded, vinyl dip moulded and metal items. Operating units in 26 countries serve a very broad industrial base of customers with a rapid supply of primarily plastic products for a variety of applications in industries such as equipment manufacturing, automotive, fabrication, electronics and construction.

The Pipe Protection Technologies business specialises in the manufacture of high performance innovative products from commodity resins to engineering-grade thermoplastics and polymer alloys for use in a range of end-markets. Locations in four countries, combined with a wide distributor network, serve customers around the world.

Porous Technologies

A global market leading developer and manufacturer of custom fluid handling components, engineered from a portfolio of technologies that includes bonded and non-woven fibre, polyurethane foam and porous plastic. Representing leading innovations used in healthcare, consumer and industrial applications, its enabling components are found in a wide range of products from medical diagnostics tests to advanced wound care pads, inkjet printer cartridges, writing instruments, clean room wipes and air fresheners. Customers in over 56 countries are served from six manufacturing facilities with research and development centres supporting the division globally.

Packaging & Securing Solutions

A leading global provider of packaging and securing solutions to a diversified blue-chip customer base. The division focuses on delivering value adding innovation, quality and service to customers through a range of cartons, tapes, leaflets, foils and labels for the healthcare, consumer and specialist packaging, point of sale and paper & board industries. The division is also a leading supplier of authentication technologies and identity solutions. Customers in over 100 countries are served from facilities operating in ten countries.

Filter Products

The only global independent cigarette filter supplier. The eight worldwide locations, including a UK-based research facility and three regional development centres provide a flexible infrastructure strategically positioned to serve the tobacco industry. The division supplies a wide range of value adding high quality innovative filters, packaging solutions to the roll your own sector and analytical laboratory services for ingredient measurement for the industry.


The Extrusion business is a leading custom profile extruder located in The Netherlands and offers a complete design and production service. One of the first companies to extrude plastics in 1956, it is now one of Europe’s most advanced suppliers of co-extrusions and tri-extrusions to all branches of industry.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Essentra’s global network extends to 33 countries and includes c. 5,700 employees, 42 principal manufacturing facilities, 64 sales & distribution operations and 5 research & development centres.